Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kenz'up?

Kenz’up is Morocco’s favourite way to shop, pay and earn points on your phone. Shopping has never felt more rewarding – or fun! 

Get rewarded for shopping
The more you shop at partner stores, the more points you earn. So you can enjoy more of what you love.
Pay and earn points on your phone
No need to carry cash. Pay securely on your phone and get points in seconds. 
Spend points in partner stores
Use your loyalty points to get more from your favourite partner stores. It all adds up. 
Share the joy with loved ones
With Kenz'up, you can quickly share your points with friends and family, wherever they are. 

What are Kenz'up partners?

Shop, pay and earn points at these partner stores:
Massimo Dutti
Oasis Cafe 
Maison du Monde
Zara Home
Emporio Armani
Just Cavalli
La Martina
Polo Ralph Lauren
Kool Smoothie
Para-Pharmacie Tontonville
Para-Pharmacie Skinmania
Yoka Sushi
Les trois fées Pâtisserie - Boulangerie
And many more coming soon!

What is cashback?

Cashback is made of tangible points that you get whenever you buy something from a participating store. It’s usually worked out as a percentage of your total purchase amount. So if you spend 100 dirhams on fuel and earn 1% cashback, you’ll pick up 1 point, which is worth 1 dirham.

What is the cashback per partner?

When you spend 100DH at a partner store, this is the number of points you get. You start getting cashback for any amount spent:

Afriquia  100 dirhams =  1 point    
Quick 100 dirhams = 5 points
Oasis Café 100  dirhams = 2.7 points    
EspressoLab 100 dirhams = 2.7 points
Minibrahim  100  dirhams = 1.8 points    
Autogo  100  dirhams = 2.7 points    
Yan & One  100  dirhams = 2.7 points    
Fnac  100  dirhams = 0.87 point    
Gap  100  dirhams = 1.74 points    
Bershka  100  dirhams = 1.74 points    
Pull & Bear  100  dirhams = 1.74 points    
Zara  100  dirhams = 1.74 points
Zara Home 100 dirhams = 0.87 point
Maison du Monde  100  dirhams = 0.87 point    
Oysho  100  dirhams = 1.74 points  
Massimo Dutti  100  dirhams = 1.74 points    
Utterque  100  dirhams = 1.74 points    
Lefties  100  dirhams = 0.87 points    
Gucci  100  dirhams = 2.7 points    
Fendi  100  dirhams = 2.7 points    
Ralph Lauren  100  dirhams = 2.7 points    
La Martina  100  dirhams = 2.7 points    
Mac  100  dirhams = 2.7 points  
Emporio Armani  100  dirhams = 2.7 points    
Armani Exchange  100  dirhams = 1.74 points    
Just Cavalli  100  dirhams = 2.7 points    
Amazzin  100  dirhams = 2.7 points
Hany 100 dirhams = 1 point
Afriquia Gaz  100  dirhams = 0.52 point  

The Consumer Protection Act limits the maximum amount of the voucher after converting the points obtained for purchases over 500 DH including tax to 50 Dirhams (50 points) increased by 1% and capped at 500 Dirhams (500 points). Example: for a brand with 5% discount, a purchase of 15,000 DH gives the right to 200 points (voucher of 200 DH) according to the formula 50 + 15,000 * 1% = 200 points and not 15,000 * 5% = 750 points.

How do I earn points?

If you’re paying by card, we’ll automatically add the points to your balance in the app. If you’ve paid in cash, scan the Kenz'up code with your phone to see the points you've earned.

When can I use my points?

You can use your points as soon as you’ve got them, at any partner store. For example, you can fill up on fuel, then use your cashback points to buy a coffee from Oasis cafe.

How do I know where I can earn or spend points?

You can use the in-app map to see the stores near you which have Kenz’up. We’re launching in Casablanca only to start with, but we’ll be adding more cities soon.

How can I pay with my phone?

You can easily add your preferred payment card by heading to your profile in the app and following the instructions. If you haven’t done this before, rest assured it’s totally secure. Then the next time you want to pay, open up Kenz’up and tap to pay from the home screen.

Is it secure?

Yes, absolutely. When you add a payment card, the system creates a special code instead of your card number. This means it doesn’t have to be stored anywhere. Whenever you make a payment, you’ll need to authorise it with a 4-8 digit passcode that only you know.

I don’t have a bank card. Can I still earn points?

No card? No problem. Just pay with cash and then scan the Kenz’up code with your phone to collect your points at all our partners store except Zara, Massimo Dutti, Zara Home, Bershka, Pull & Bear, Lefties, Uterque and Oysho. Then you can start saving and using them in all your favourite partner stores.

Can I pay partially in points and cash?

This is not possible at the moment. But when you have enough points to purchase the item, you absolutely can!

I just paid in points. Do I still earn anything?

No, you can only earn points when paying by card or cash in any partner store.

How do I transfer points?

You can send points to anyone else who has Kenz’up. If you want to share the joy with a friend or family member, check they have Kenz’up first and then send points to their phone number instantly. The minimum amount for a transfer is 10 points. The monthly point transfer limit per user is 300 points. The annual point transfer limit per user is 1000 points.

Points not associated with a transaction (bonus, prize money competition, received by transfer, referral, etc.) cannot be transferred.

I’m in a partner store that’s refusing to accept Kenz’up. What do I do?

We are sorry to hear you’re having issues. Please call customer service on +212 (0)520 10 00 01 and they will do their best to help.

My card got rejected. What do I do?

Please contact your bank for assistance.

How do I reset my PIN?

That’s unfortunate! If you wish to lock your account, please call customer service +212 (0)520 10 00 01

How do I close my Kenz’up account?

Please call customer service +212 (0)520 10 00 01. It would be sad to see you go!